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Corporate Records Management

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Corporate Records Management is a full-service record center offering document storage, file management, secure shredding, imaging, document destruction, media tape backup storage and related archiving services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Corporate Records Management can be found at 3141 Hansboro Ave . The following is offered: Records Storage - In Dallas there are 9 other Records Storage. An overview can be found here.

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  • Denise Chadima


    Providing leadership and our singular focus on treating our customers they way they would expect from a woman-owned business. Denise has owned Corporate Records Management since its inception in 1998, first as a sole proprietorship, then on to incorporation, growing the business sufficiently that we were able to purchase our current 72,000-square-foot facility in 2004. Her entrepreneurial spirit guides CRM's daily activities, while her faith-based business spirit provides the proper context for customer care and the long-term health of the company.

  • Martin Devitt

    Operations Manager

    Martin has been working in this industry for over 28 years, starting off as a Librarian in an offsite storage company across the pond in London at the young age of 18. He has worked for the biggest offsite storage companies in the world, and we're lucky that he landed here at Corporate Records Management in October 2013. Martin not only manages the daily operations tasks each day but also strives to improve our processes to ensure that we give each individual customer the service that they deserve.

Products And Services

  • Offsite Document Storage & Management Service

    You Deserve to Experience Dallas-Fort Worth's Best Records Storage & Management Provider -Are you frustrated with your current document storage situation? -Have you ever been unable to find a file you know is in storage? -Would you like to use powerful records management software for FREE? -Could you save money by moving to Corporate Records Management? (Hint: YES!) A misplaced file is a lost file. A file that isn't put back where it belongs is a lost file. Trying to manage files with a storage unit and an Excel spreadsheet—or the back room in your office and a clipboard—simply doesn't work, and it’s not even saving you money. We’ll tell you our secret: barcode technology. Put a barcode on everything, then add some powerful software for indexing, retention scheduling and tracking, and now you have a functional, powerful records management program. Access the software to quickly and easily manage your entire inventory of boxes and files from your desktop browser. Run reports, request a file, box or multiple boxes, index a box of files—and even the files within that box—and add everything directly in to the database before we pick them up. We do all the lifting, and you never worry about losing a file again! Costs for Offsite Records Storage You may be wondering, "Isn’t all of this expensive?" We don't think so, but you be the judge: You can store 130 standard file boxes for just $50 a month. Self storage units and expensive office space can’t even come close to this. If you are currently storing with Iron Mountain and are looking for better service with a better price, just call us or complete the form on this page. We’ll do a side-by-side comparison of savings, and you will get the friendly, personalized service you would expect from a woman-owned business.

    Link: Offsite Document Storage & Management Service

  • Secure Paper Shredding Service

    Your Local, "Near Me" Document Shredding Company -Does using a NAID AAA Certified shredding vendor matter to you? -Do you require onsite shredding? -Do you prefer offsite shredding? -Is regulatory compliance an ongoing concern? -Would locked collection consoles help protect your information until destruction? -Do you just need to purge boxes of old files? -Do you need help establishing retention periods for your files? Establishing a consistent document shredding program is one of the smartest business moves you can make. Choosing the right vendor is important too, because information security is mandatory. After all, that's what shredding is all about! NAID AAA Certification assures you that we meet the highest standards in the industry, including: -Background checks -Drug testing -HIPAA compliance training and certification -Strict security and confidentiality standards -Documented chain of custody Many vendors in Dallas-Fort Worth are not NAID AAA Certified, but we believe it is so important that we have been since 2002. We are NAID AAA Certified in both onsite (mobile) and offsite document destruction. Some of our government, financial and military customers require onsite shredding as a matter of regulatory compliance. Whatever compliance standards you have to meet, we can help you do that. All businesses print sensitive information on paper documents. Personnel and healthcare records, trade secrets, customer or consumer credit documents—all are covered by Federal and State laws that require proof of destruction. Naturally, we have you covered there, too, by providing a Certificate of Destruction once your documents have been shredded. Shredding Service Options Perhaps you have accumulated old boxes and files that just need purge shredding. We can do that, but consider the day-to-day documents that you receive or print. How do you make sure they don’t end up in the trash or recycling bin, just waiting to be stolen? We can place locked collection bins or decorative consoles in your office and provide regularly scheduled shredding service. It's simple, automatic, compliant and affordable. As a member of the Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA), we have resources to help you with your document destruction questions: retention schedules, destruction policies, employee training and best practices. Don’t forget: As a full-service records center, we can conveniently store all those boxes of inactive records in our 72,000-square-foot facility until it’s time to shred them.

    Link: Secure Paper Shredding Service

  • Document Scanning & Imaging Service

    Go Digital With CRM's Paper Document Scanning Service All at Once, Over Time, or Going Forward -Have you moved to electronic documents but still have boxes of paper that you want imaged? -Do you have internal staff trying to image your documents, but the process is too slow? -What if you could scan only the documents you need, instead of everything, with a Scan-On-Demand service? -Would you like to capture several data points from each document for indexing and search purposes? veryone is moving toward document scanning with online storage, and healthcare is leading the way. Electronic files offer rapid retrieval, quick-search capabilities, and multi-location access. What about those boxes of paper files that haven't been scanned yet? We have your document scanning solution! We are experts at file management, both paper and electronic, and we have the perfect solution for your imaging project. We know scanning: double-sided, color, photos, sticky notes, and HIPAA compliance. But more importantly, we understand the importance of indexing. Scanning is useless without an accurate index, because indexing is how you search your documents. Need several index fields to provide multiple search options? No problem. Imaging is too important to leave to part-time staff, temporary employees, or anyone who isn't highly trained for the task. Let the experts pick up, scan and index your files, then give you a choice for storage: high-capacity disk or password-protected, searchable online database. Authorized employees get instant access from anywhere. Also, as the leading records center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we can provide records storage and paper shredding at the right points in your documents' lifecycles.

    Link: Document Scanning & Imaging Service

  • Medical Records & Patient Chart Scanning On Demand

    Let Dallas-Fort Worth's Best Medical Records Scanning Provider Image Your Patient Records -Have you moved to EMR, but still have old paper charts in storage? -Are paper charts still taking up space in a back office or self storage unit? -Does your staff spend more time managing paper charts than practicing medicine? -Do you need a partner that is totally HIPAA compliant? Many practices have transformed their records management systems with the introduction of EMR/HER. Great for patients who are in the system, but what about the years of charts that were created prior to the EMR start date? The solution: Scan On Demand! Here’s how it works: -We pick up charts and index them by Last Name, First Name (this is a great way to rediscover misfiled charts!) -Authorized office staff have access to the password-protected online database from their web browser -Simply find a patient and click "retrieve" -We pull the paper chart, scan it, and send it in an encrypted file for HIPAA compliance Now all patient charts are electronic files, but only if you need them. That's the beauty of Scan On Demand. It's simple, secure and cost-effective. Scan On Demand even works if you haven’t fully converted to EMR. No more shelves full of paper in your office or a storage unit. As a full-service records center, we use barcode technology to index and manage everything. We are so efficient, you can store 130 standard boxes for just $50 a month, and the online records management software is FREE. Compare that to hundreds of dollars spent storing your patient records in costly medical office space or unsecure storage units. Freedom from paper! No more trips to the storage unit. No more time spent indexing, pulling and re-filing charts. We are the low-cost partner to your practice, and all our staff receive HIPAA compliance training and certification. Call us or complete the form on this page to find out how we will do all the "heavy lifting" and solve your paper chart dilemma. Join the many practices enjoying our Scan On Demand service!

    Link: Medical Records & Patient Chart Scanning On Demand

  • Backup Tape Storage & Rotation Service

    Store Your Backup Tapes Securely, Knowing You Will Get Them Back on Time -Are you looking for a reliable backup tape rotation service? -Does your risk-reduction policy require secure, offsite vault storage of backup tapes? -Does "the cloud" offer insufficient bandwidth for your emergency data restoration requirements? Emergencies happen without warning, or there would never be a need to back up your data, right? Disk failure, unexpected server malfunctions, even physical damage due to natural disasters all demand a robust backup and restoration process. As an IT professional, you understand the need for backup, but what about restoration? If your data volume exceeds the capacity of the internet to fully restore your data within an acceptable timeframe, it’s time to use high-capacity backup tapes and store them in our media vault for speedy delivery to your business or hot site in case of disaster. Locked and barcoded protective cases filled with your backup tapes are rotated by our security personnel to and from your desk or server room. You set the schedule. To make your life easier, we accept Tape Management System (TMS) output for rotation schedules. Get peace of mind of knowing you are protected and can quickly recover lost data. Need secure destruction of hard drives or backup tapes? Ask about our NAID AAA Certified hard drive and media destruction service, available onsite (mobile) or offsite depending on your needs.

    Link: Backup Tape Storage & Rotation Service

  • Hard Drive Shredding & Data Destruction Service

    Protect Your Sensitive Data the 100% Secure Way: Complete Destruction by Certified Professionals -Are you looking for a partner who is NAID AAA Certified in hard drive destruction? -Do you need a Certificate of Destruction with scanned barcodes for your records? -Do you require onsite (mobile) destruction? -Do you prefer offsite destruction? As an IT professional, you understand the importance of ensuring that countless gigabytes of sensitive company data can never be accessed once computer assets reach the end of their lifecycle. Hard drives, solid-state drives, and mobile phones contain data that require rock-solid proof of destruction. Trust the company that meets the highest standards in the destruction industry to destroy those assets. NAID AAA Certification means we perform background checks and drug testing, utilize lock-down procedures, maintain strict chain of custody, and adhere to policies that make us a partner you can trust. We are NAID AAA Certified for both onsite and offsite destruction, so you can be assured of the highest security no matter which choice you make. We barcode scan media serial numbers and add them to the Certificate of Destruction you receive each time we complete a destruction project for you. This way, you have a permanent record that you are in compliance with company policy and government regulations for privacy protection. Hard drive destruction as low as $6 per drive depending on volume means the cost of security is low, and the value is high. Call us or complete the form on this page today and gain peace of mind when you choose safe, secure hard drive destruction by Corporate Records Management.

    Link: Hard Drive Shredding & Data Destruction Service

  • Product Destruction Service

    Get Your Recalled, Expired, Defective & Discontinued Products Destroyed Professionally & Locally Maintaining an excellent business reputation isn't just about protecting documents and data; it requires safeguarding your brand and intellectual property from counterfeiting—all too common these days. In fact, most of the products we destroy are counterfeit. There’s also the risk of copyright infringement. At Corporate Records Management (CRM), our product destruction service offers reliable and secure destruction of counterfeit, recalled, expired, defective and discontinued corporate products, including: -Identification cards and badges -Overstock and damaged inventory -Branded containers and packaging -Products that test poorly during quality control No matter what type of product you need decommissioned, we ensure it is destroyed with unparalleled security and in accordance with state and federal privacy regulations. Secure Product Destruction Whether you need a one-time bulk pick up or regularly scheduled destruction, we can help. Our screened and trained staff will come directly to your office and transport your unwanted items in GPS-tracked vehicles to our shredding plant. We maintain a strict chain of custody throughout the collection, transfer and destruction process. Our shredding plant offers 24-hour monitored surveillance to ensure unparalleled security. After your product is destroyed, we issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Customized Product Destruction Solutions New product launches often make existing products obsolete, and unexpected recalls can create sudden storage constraints. These challenges, combined with the manpower and resources needed to destroy recalled, defective and expired products, make it difficult for companies to remedy excess inventory problems. Throwing away your branded product simply isn't an option, but you may be faced with a unique destruction requirement. Rest assured that there's no product destruction puzzle CRM can't solve. We will tailor a solution to meet your specific need.

    Link: Product Destruction Service


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